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The Group starts its activities by the Family Company which has been set up by Ahmet, Kamil and Niyazi Brothers in 1974. By the end of 1990s, investments have increased rapidly and steps to insitutionalization have been taken with active board managers at company management from younger generations. By the technological changes and changing of the skyline as a result of globalization, ÖZKAR renewed its own and in 1997 passed to tunnel system and started to build satellite sites in addition to luxury housing. These applied constructions are still increasing rapidly. At the moment, ÖZKAR Group Companies are: "ÖZKAR Construction, ÖZKAR Energy, ÖZKAR Metal, ÖZKAR Wood and ÖZKAR Foreign Trade". Common missions of all ÖZKAR Group Companies are; honesty, increasing the employment and not compromise on quality standards of ÖZKAR. Even in days tough crisis in our country, ÖZKAR Group Companies have gone on making investments obstinately and today they keep up the same attitudes. ÖZKAR takes its power from its equity and strong family relations. Permanence is the sign of quality. Since 1974...
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